Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy holidays!

Hello everyone.

Here in Italy, it's time for the great escape from our habitual haunts and head to new places and discoveries.

And so, like most people, despite the recession, I'll largely be away from this blog. However I plan to return from time to time.

Meanwhile look at the previous post, watch the video and try to answer the questions. Please put your answers in the Comments page, as I will turn the Tag Board off in order to avoid spam messages. I will turn it on again at the beginning of September.

As students of English, you will want to maintain your contact with the language as far as you can. Here are some ideas:

  • Visit our Facebook page. You'll find all sorts of useful things here. How about a Cool Tool from the Guardian newspaper which tells if you you could win an Olympic medal? Check out the highly useful LearnEnglish Olympic Visitor Handbook. Or tell us about the most unforgettable places you have been to in the past year.
  • Keep up your writing practice by contributing to our online magazine, "English, Actually". There are now plenty of topics to choose from. A good one for this summer holidays would be "Journeys". Share your experiences with us!
  • And check out the right-hand column of this Blog for links to dozens of site that will help you with your English. Here are two outstanding ones: the British Council's "LearnEnglish" and the BBC's "Learning English". Not to be confused with one another, both sites bring you a wealth of resources.

I'm back in the first few days of September. I will then post the answers to our latest Quiz on the arrivals of the Olympic athletes in London.

Have a very good summer vacation!

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