Thursday, June 14, 2012

Six Minute English: Strange Laws?

Hello everyone. It's time now for a Six Minute English Quiz. And what better than one about the seemingly strange laws that one hears about from time to time.

A town in New Jersey, USA, has recently passed a law making it illegal to walk and send text messages at the same time. How strange do you think that really is?

Here are a few questions to help you focus your listening. Read them first:

1. Official question: there are strange but true laws which exist in the UK. Which one of these three is NOT a real law?
a) It's illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour.
b) A pregnant woman can go to the toilet anywhere she wants.
c) It's illegal to speak French in front of a dog.
2. What accident happened to Rosie recently?
3. About the new law in Fort Lee, New Jersey: people are forbidden to text specifically while ...... [complete the sentence.]
4. The punishment is ..... [specify the punishment.]
5. In Los Angeles recently, a man was texting on his phone when he very nearly walked into which wild animal?
6. What did a teenage girl in China fall into while she was using her phone?
7. And where did a woman in a shopping mall end up?
Now listen to the programme. Then post your answers to the questions on the Tag Board or in a comment.
And by way of a bonus, here's a link to the video about the man in Los Angeles. Scary!!
I look forward to answers from everybody! Let's all participate.
More very soon indeed. Yours,

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