Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee: A Few Facts.

Today, Tuesday, is the last day of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The events have been well covered by the world's media. But how much do you know about the Queen's long life and career? There is no shortage of information online. Let's go to the official Diamond Jubilee web site. Scroll down the front page and click on "Fact Files". Read the page carefully. Here are some questions:

1. When was the Queen's first official visit to Italy?
2. Who was her host?
3. And when was her most recent visit to Italy, and who was her host?
4. When was the Queen's first official visit to the Vatican City, and who was the Pope at the time?
5. When was her most recent visit to the Vatican, and who was the Pope?
6. Which Italian President visited the Queen in 1969?
7. When was the most recent visit to the UK by an Italian President?

Back to the home page of the Diamond Jubilee web site. Without any further help from me, can you answer these last three questions:

8. In 1951, which country did Prince Elizabeth, as she then was, visit with her husband?
9. And where was she when, on Wednesday 6th February 1952, she learned that she had become Queen?
10. Who was the first British monarch to celebrate a Jubilee, and when was it?
11. Name five well-known rock stars who performed at the Jubilee Concert. (You'll find the BBC News website helpful for this question.)

That's enough questions! Post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment. Who will be the first person to answer all the questions correctly? If that person comes to see me at our office near Piazza di Spagna, we will have a celebratory drink at one of the many excellent local bars.

More very soon!

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