Friday, May 25, 2012

In Your Dreams: The Answers.

Hello all. Here are the answers to the latest quiz on "Six Minute English"

1. This week's question: what do Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon Bonaparte and Florence Nightingale have in common? The correct answer is:

c) They all usually slept for just four hours a night!

Now, for questions 2 to 14. By the way, question 9 is missing! My mistake, and many thanks to Daniele Zito for pointing it out. The correct answers are underlined and in bold type:

2. Professor Richard Wiseman's app plays specific sounds to you while you're sleeping.

3. You select the sounds and it plays them to you automatically when it detects that you're dreaming by monitoring your movements.

4. Professor Wiseman says most people have about five dreams every night.

5. If your dreams are pleasant then you will be more positive and productive during the day.

6. Most people would choose sounds that prompted relaxing visions, perhaps set in woods filled with birdsong.

7. Other people prefer night-time adventure.

8. It takes Rosie three hours before she feels awake.

10. Chris would like dreams which involve adventure, going up a mountain and discovering somewhere new.

11. Expert John Mcmanus says the app could, if successful, be used to treat depression and stress.

12. The app could also enhance creativity.

13. Paul McCartney of The Beatles wrote the song 'Yesterday' after waking from a dream.

14. Mary Shelley was inspired to write the horror story 'Frankenstein'.

Very many thanks to Daniele, Alberto, Catia and Giorgia for participating in this quiz.

However, there were only four of you out of the many dozens who read this Blog! It would be great to get more readers to participate.

But it may be my fault for composing a 13-question quiz. Future quizzes will have no more than seven questions.

Moving on, as they say in the classics... It's revision time for many people. My next post will be about how to get the best out of the British Council's Learn English site. This is your place to revise grammar, vocabulary and lots more.

More very soon! Kind regards from

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