Friday, April 13, 2012

Six Minute English: Legalising Soft Drugs in Australia

Good day everyone. In the latest Six Minute English, Chris and Rosie talk about a controversial proposal by the Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, to legalise soft drugs. Not everyone agrees with him.

Read the questions first, then click on the link to the programme.

1) This week's official programme question: When was the first international treaty to combat the sale and use of drugs signed? Was it in:

a) 1962
b) 1945
c) 1912

2. (a) To "have a crack at something" means....

2. (b) And the expression "crack" can also mean....

3. What, according to the programme, is the difference between "hard" and "soft" drugs?

4. Why has the Australian Foreign Minister decided to legalise 'soft' drugs?

5. What does the Australian Prime Minister, Miss Julia Gillard, think of the Foreign Minister's idea to legalise soft drugs?

6. What strategy has been adopted by countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands to combat use of hard drugs?

7. Why is this a 'risky strategy'?

Now listen to the programme, as many times as you like. Then write your answers to the questions on the Tag Board, or in a comment just after this message - just click on the Comments link immediately below.

I look forward to answers from as many of you as possible! I will post the official answers next week.

Meanwhile, it's vital to do some listening practice as often as you can, ideally a little every day. Elementary listeners (Common European Framework levels A1 and A2) should try Michael Marzio's Real English. More advanced listeners should try The British Council's Learn English Podcasts. These are, of course, just two examples. On this Blog , scroll down the right-hand column to the 'Listening and Video Sites' section. You'll find plenty of useful links here.And remember to visit the British Council Italy's Facebook Page!

That's all for the moment. Good luck with the listening quiz. More very soon!


Michael said...

Hell, this is test comment, as some people say they have been experiencing problems. I recommend choosing the 'Name/URL' option, not the Google Accounts profile.


Susy said...

Hi Mike, these six minutes were six... years. It is difficult for me listen and understand at the first listening.
I don't Know answer at all the question, I understood that:
the first international treatry was signed in 1912;
"crack" means a kind of drug;
the drugs hard are harmful as cocaine and heroin;
the drugs are less harmful as marijuana;
Bob Car's brother died with a overdose.

I'm going to do a wonderful party when I will understan all the listening.
Mike, you will be the first invited
See you tomorrow

Michael said...

Many thanks for this, Suzy.

I think you have got the answers mostly right. I will post the official answers very soon.

And I am glad you have now managed to leave a comment. You see, it is not at all difficult.