Thursday, March 01, 2012

Captain Scott of the Antarctic: The Answers

Dear readers,

Many thanks for the interest you have shown in Captain Scott's extraordinary expedition to the Antarctic. I can now give you the official answers to this latest Six Minute English Quiz, as follows:

1. This week's question: Which other famous British explorer led the first successful expedition across the Antarctic Circle in 1773? 

The right answer was a) Captain James Cook.

2. What sort of extreme conditions did Scot and his team have to face?
(pitch darkness, extraordinarily low temperatures)

3. How low did the temperatures go? (minus forty degrees Celsius)

4. What effect did the low temperatures have on the men's teeth? (they cracked)

5. What did the team collect during the expedition?  (rocks and emperor penguins' eggs)

6. What items of expedition equipment is the museum curator describing? (Terry Garrard’s balaclava [hat] with nose-piece; a thermal flask; a light they had with them)

Many thanks to Elisabetta, Catia, Graziana, Marco, Annalisa, Domenico and Giorgia for your kind participation.

Watch out for the next Quiz. Also for more pointers towards useful web sites to help you practise your English.

Have a nice day!

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