Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blog Site Lists Reorganised

Hello everyone. This week I have started to reorganise some of the site lists on the Blog. I have started with 'Top Sites Right Now', just below the Tag Board.

I have changed the site descriptions to make them clearer. I have also added a few sites. The newcomers include "Pronunciation Tips" from the BBC's "Learning English" site. This is essential viewing and listening  at any level, if for example you're having problems distinguishing bards from birds, or cords from cards. Good for general listening skills.

Another addition is "Express English", also from the BBC. Here, you listen to people expressing their opinions on  a certain topic, which changes every week. You can then post your own opinion. This is a good idea if you want to practise writing short texts. You'll need to register first, and check out the house rules.

Later, I'll check and if necessary correct, the other lists of sites further down the right hand column. Here, I welcome help from you. If you discover a site that is 'dead', that is, doesn't work, let me know through the Tag Board or a comment.

And if you know about a site you enthusiastically recommend, same thing: leave me a message. Several sites listed here were originally recommended by Blog visitors.

Very soon, I will post a new Listening Quiz. Watch this space - and have a nice day.

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