Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday 7 February Is Safer Internet Day

Hello everyone. Today is a special day. Not only is the snow gradually disappearing from Rome, but it's also Safer Internet Day. On this day you're reminded that though the Net is a wonderful phenomenon, it's important to stay safe online.

Here's a link to Yahoo's page on how to stay safe, with an accompanying video. And check out this link too: www.saferinternet.eu.

Watch the video and see how much you understand. Write a short summary in a Tag Board message or Comment.

And can you write a short summary of the advice on the Yahoo and Safer Internet pages?

This is an opportunity for me to thank Domenico, Marco, Catia and Graziana for their messages on the Tag Board. But where is everyone else?!

Coming up: some more Listening quizzes and Web page suggestions.

More very soon!
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Domenico said...

Last Tuesday 7 February 2012 internet users celebreted "Safer internet day".Now a lot of people in the world use internet(particularly Social networking and online profiles)so there are a lot of personal informations on internet.Teenagers usually use the computer without their parents.It's very dangerous.For this reason legal authorities recomend to be careful.Internet has been a revolution in the way to communicate but now we must control it.

Michael Ivy said...

Many thanks for your comment, Domenico! I invite other readers of this blog to add their opinions to this space.

elisabetta said...

Today, safety on internet is a priority for everyone, expecially for very young people and for parents who want to protect them. Safer Internet Day was born eight years old and now it is becoming an important event in the world. Many countries celebrated it, on the 7th Febraury 2012, with discuss, press events, activies to suggest the new protections into the web. I hope a safer internet will be shortly. Bye Elisabetta.