Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Six Questions for Six Minutes: Captain Scott’s Expedition to the Antarctic

Hello everyone. It’s the one hundredth anniversary of British explorer Captain Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic which ended in the deaths of all its members. So here is a short listening exercise based on the BBC’s Six Minute English.

1. This week's official question: Which other famous British explorer led the first successful expedition across the Antarctic Circle in 1773? Was it: a) Captain James Cook; b) Sir Francis Drake; c) Admiral Horatio Nelson?
Choose a, b or c.

Can you write short answers to these questions? (Put your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment.)

2. What sort of extreme conditions did Scott and his team have to face?

3. How low did the temperatures go?

4. What effect did the low temperatures have on the men's teeth?

5. What did the team collect during the expedition?

6. What items of expedition equipment is the museum curator describing?

I look forward to answers from as many of you as possible!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday 7 February Is Safer Internet Day

Hello everyone. Today is a special day. Not only is the snow gradually disappearing from Rome, but it's also Safer Internet Day. On this day you're reminded that though the Net is a wonderful phenomenon, it's important to stay safe online.

Here's a link to Yahoo's page on how to stay safe, with an accompanying video. And check out this link too:

Watch the video and see how much you understand. Write a short summary in a Tag Board message or Comment.

And can you write a short summary of the advice on the Yahoo and Safer Internet pages?

This is an opportunity for me to thank Domenico, Marco, Catia and Graziana for their messages on the Tag Board. But where is everyone else?!

Coming up: some more Listening quizzes and Web page suggestions.

More very soon!
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