Friday, January 13, 2012

Six Minute English: Hopes for 2012

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I last sent out Blog Update notices to everyone on my contacts list, so I'll be doing that today. But whenever you visit us, do send this Blog's Web address ( to anyone you know who is learning English.

Meanwhile, here is this week's Six Minute English exercises. It's about our hopes for New Year 2012.

First, read the questions. At the end of the questions, click on the link to this week's Six Minute English and listen to the presenters, Neil and Rob. Then post your answers to the Tag Board or in a Comment.

1. This week's official question:

2012 is not the first time the Olympics has come to London. It is in fact the third time London will have hosted the games. The last time they were here was 1948, but when was the first time? Was it:

a) 1918 b) 1908 c) 1848

You'll hear the answer at the end of the programme.
Can you complete these statements with the information you hear on the programme? Use a short phrase to complete the statements.

2. Rob's hopes are to .......

3. Neil: will be hoping for ........

4. The first woman interviewed is .....

5. The first man says "......"

6. The second woman is .....

7. Rob is looking forward to going to .......

8. Rob's other ambition is to .......

9. Rob has tickets for the Olympics and the ....... .

10. The Olympics will '........' according to Rob and Neil.

Now listen to the programme. Then write your answers in the Tag Board or in a comment. When you have done that, tell us about your hopes in 2012. What are you looking forward to? Write your 2012 hopes on the Tag Board or in a comment. The most original 2012 Hoper gets a drink of their choice at the Antica Enoteca on Via della Croce if he or she happens to be in Rome! Otherwise, an Honourable Mention on this Blog.

I look forward to reading your answers!
More soon,


Anonymous said...

From Margherita
1. b) 1908
2. get fit and eat healthly
3. for sleep because he was expecting a child
4. the first woman is looking forward to going to Disneyland in Paris
5. the first man says he is looking forward to finishing his Master's degree
6. the sendo woman is looking forward to going to weddings
7. Rob is looking forward to going to Lapland
8. Rob's other abicious is to do his degree again
9. Paralympics
10. The Olympics will be a big thing for UK

Mike said...

Many thanks Margherita!

I think you have got some good answers - but I am waiting for more people to reply. Then I will post the official answers at the end of this week. Stay tuned!!


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