Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Watch, Listen and Understand

Hello everyone. I am sorry to have taken so long - over a fortnight - to give you a new exercise.

Just for a change, we're going to look at something from Michael Marzio's "Real English". Michael Marzio is an American teacher of English, living and working near Paris. He has created a large and very useful website to which there is a link on the right-hand column of this blog. 

"Real English" contains dozens of interviews recorded on the streets of various cities, so the speech is very natural.There are exercises for everyone, but they are mainly designed for Beginner and Pre-Intermediate levels.

Today, we're going to hear what various people, from various countries, think of the British. They are all answering the question, "What are the British like?"

So here is the video from Michael Marzio's 'Real English' site. When you click on the link, a new window will open in your browser, so you can easily switch between the Blog and the video.

Suggested procedure:

First, quickly read the thirteen questions here.

Then go down to the section entitled "For Intermediate Students". Choose the first video, "Regular Long Version".

The video lasts just under six minutes. It's in two parts.
The first part, up to 2 minutes 45 seconds (02:45), shows the interviews without subtitles. Stop when you come to the "Real English!" signature scene.

Give short answers to the questions.

1. Marie's opinion?

2. Carlo's opinion?

3. Arnold's opinion?
Where is Arnold from?
4. Kyla's opinon?
What adjective does she use for British food?
What adjective does she use for British beer?
Where is Kyla's mother from?
Which British people does she prefer?

5. Maria's opinion?

6. Michael's opinion?

7. Susan's opinion?

8. Officer Gallagher's opinion?

9. June's opinion?

10. Katie and Lynn's opinion?

11. Sharon's opinion?

12. Tony's opinion?

13. Bill's opinion?
What nationality is Bill?

Stop the video at 02:45.

Now write your short answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment.

Then continue to the end of the video. In this second part, the interviews are repeated with subtitles. Check your answers. Were you right?

I look forward to everyone's answers! Next week, we will look at the British Council's "Learn English" site and how to make the best use of it.

Goodbye for now!

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