Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watch, Listen and Understand: Michael Marzio's Video With Answers

Hello everybody. Today I'm going to give you the answers to the Real English Video Quiz of a fortnight ago.

In this video, kindly brought to you by Michael Marzio, an American teacher of English in France, you watched and listened to a series of people giving their opinions of the British. Here are the questions again, with the answers:

1. Marie's opinion? "A wry sense of humour."

2. Carlo's opinion? "The British are fair. I can live with them if I have to."

3. Arnold's opinion? "They're nice. They have the same sense of humour as the Dutch do, so we go together quite well."
Where is Arnold from? Holland.
4. Kyla's opinon? "Very very witty. They've got to keep themselves entertained in that miserable weather."
What adjective does she use for British food? "Abhorrent."
What adjective does she use for British beer? "Wonderful."
Where is Kyla's mother from? Wales.
Which British people does she prefer? The British but not especially the English.

5. Maria's opinion? "Reserved."

6. Michael's opinion? "Family-orientated and aristocratic."

7. Susan's opinion? "Homey, a little stiff, formal... Fun!"

8. Officer Gallagher's opinion? "A nation of shopkeepers."

9. June's opinion? "Cold, less open, more reserved."

10. Katie and Lynn's opinion? "Pompous."

11. Sharon's opinion? Her British boss's ways were "very stringent" and he was "prejudiced against Americans."

12. Tony's opinion? "Stuffy."

13. Bill's opinion? "They're awful ... They're the source of the entire world's problems!"
What nationality is Bill? Irish.

Many thanks to Alessandra and Giorgia of Level 2 for their answers. Marco and Emanuela, also of Level 2, visited the site but did not leave any answers!

I apologize for not sending out a reminder to everyone to visit this Blog. However I urge all readers to come in here at least twice a week. And I'll be posting another quiz before the Christmas holidays start.

Meanwhile, have a very good day.



Daniela said...

Hi Mike! What does "homey" mean? I didn't find it. Thanks and Happy New Year to everybody! :)

Michael said...

Hello Daniela. "Homey" means someone who is very attached to their home, a person who is very family and home-oriented.

I hope this answers your question, and please don't hesitate to ask further questions whenever you have a problem.