Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Six Minute English: Stress In The Workplace

Hello everybody. Stress is a problem in many people's lives, whether you work or not. But stress in the workplace is particularly serious because of the high cost to economies that are already in poor health. In this week's Six Minute English, we will learn what causes stress at work and what can be done about it. You'll also learn some useful vocabulary connected with the world of work.

To help you to concentrate on your listening, here are a few questions. Read these first and then click on the link, below, to open a new page taking you straight to Six Minute English.

1. This week's question: According to a survey carried out this year, what is considered to be the most stressful job? Is it:

a) A commercial airline pilot
b) A school teacher
c) A surgeon

Listen out for the correct answer at the end of the programme. Does the speaker get it right? And why is this job particularly stressful? What would be the correct answer in Italy? Or, if you are not from Italy, in your country?

Some further questions:
2. Why is stress increasing in the UK?

3. What word does the BBC reporter use as a synonym for economic depression? Hint: the first word is a "D", and it's not "depression", obviously!

4. What proportion of British public-sector companies have reported a rise in stress-related absenteeism?

5. Why is this rise surprising?

6. What are the main reasons?

7. What often happens in companies which are planning to make redundancies? 

8. What can be done to reduce stress?

Now listen to the programme. When you have finished, send us your answers by using the Tag Board or a Comment.

Possibly a Comment will be better, as on the Tag Board you are limited to two hundred characters.

I look forward to reading everyone's answers! I'll post the official answers at the end of this week.



IELTS Writing Topics said...

a very interesting topic to study. It's not only good for improving our English but also beneficial for our knowledge.

As you already know, stress is an avoidable part in our lives. There are many causes for it. Therefore, we need to understand what leads us to having stress and how to avoid it probably.

Jon Sumner said...

Hi Michael,
Stress is a really interesting topic to study. As the previous commenter mentioned, it's good to use this topic not just to practice English but to increase awareness.

This is an excellent, interesting lesson for teaching and discussion. I will try to use it with intermediate and advanced learners in future lessons. Thanks for providing this excellent free resource.

Best regards,
Jon Sumner

Michael said...

Dear Jon Sumner,

Many thanks for your kind message. If you have a moment, do let me know how well it went with your lessons.