Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Make Your House out of Plastic Bottles.

An Argentine man, Alfredo Santa Cruz, has made his entire house, and much of the furniture, out of old plastic bottles.

See his story here on the BBC.

To help you focus your attention, here are three comprehension questions:

1. How did Mr Santa Cruz get his idea of making a house out of old bottles?

2. What special technique has he invented?

3. How many people has he taught to make bottle houses?

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This follows the story of October 3, about the Manila residents who make roof skylights out of plastic bottles filled with water.

More next week.

And I wish all our readers a very entertaining Hallowe'en!


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Anonymous said...

BBC Answer:

How To Make Your House out of Plastic Bottles.

1) During the Argentina's economic crash he was searching something to sell through rubbish heaps;
2) He invented to build the house with plastic bottles;
3) 20.000 person