Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tag Board reactivated

Dear All,

Just back from the summer holidays, and I have now reactivated the Tag Board. You are welcome to post messages as long as they are useful, informative and relevant to this Blog.

A word of warning to spammers, however. There have been too many spam posts to the tag board in the past few months. Be aware that I shall check out the IP addresses of any spam messages, and will delete any messages that don't conform to Blog rules of utility and relevance. I will also report persistent offenders' IP addresses to the Cbox administrators, creators of the Tag Board.

That said, I will from now on post regular messages on how to use the Net to help practise and improve your English. These will include further listening exercises based on Six Minute English.

I hope all readers had an enjoyable summer holiday. Please continue to visit us!

Mike Ivy

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