Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shopping on 6 Minute English: The Answers

Hello everyone. As promised, here are the answers to last week's Six Minute English quiz:

This week's question:

The Bullring in Birmingham is the UK's busiest shopping centre, but how many people, on average, visit the Bullring each year? Is it:

a) 27 million
b) 37 million √
c) 47 million

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

2. What kind of shopping does Rob like? “I like quick shopping: I like going in, finding what I want, and coming out again.”

He doesn’t like “hanging around and seeing the shopping centre”.

3. The High Street is the main shopping street in a town or area.

4. For the first speaker, the advantages of shopping centres are choice and a good deal, discount or sale.

However, a shopping centre cannot replace localised shopping, such as a nice boutique in a local high street.

5. The second speaker says the restaurants are either fast-food or slightly more upmarket.

6. The disadavantage of shopping centres is that they are often very crowded.

Very many thanks to Stefano, Annalisa and Giovanni for their Comments, and to Giulio and Manuela for their posts on the Tag Board.

Here is a vocabulary quiz for you. What do you understand by these expressions which you heard on Six Minute English?

(a) "hanging around"
(b) "upmarket"
(c) "crowded"

Post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment. Try to find an alternative English expression for wach one.

Next post: how to use the British Council's 'Learn English' site effectively.

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