Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Help with Grammar

Dear all,

For those of you following a course, you may now be facing an end-of-course test. You will want to revise some essential grammar and vocabulary. Fortunately, the Internet has a lot to offer you.

Look at the right hand column of this Blog. You'll see a whole succession of links to various useful sites. The first one I can see is "English Grammar Secrets". Down the left-hand side of the page you will see a long list of lessons. Why don't you try to solve the classic problem of the Past Simple and Present Perfect? Read the rules and then do the four exercises.

However, when you have finished, don't forget to leave a comment or post a message on the Tag Board to say how useful you found the presentation and exercises. Then return to the list of grammar lessons.

Your next helper for grammar, vocabulary and also listening is the British Council's Learn English site. Have a look at another common problem: adjectives that end in "-ed" or in "-ing". Which form to use? Again, read the rules and do the exercise at the bottom of the page. And as before, post a message on the Tag Board or in a Comment to say whether you found the site useful, interesting, informative - or the opposite. You can also post a grammar question if there is something you have not understood.

Still on the British Council's Learn English site, why not try some listening or video comprehension? Here is a good one on the difference between American and British English. Watch the video and then do the vocabulary exercise at the bottom of the page. Did you get them all correct? Once more, leave a message on the Tag Board or send a Comment.

That's it for the moment. Coming up later this week: a listening comprehension from Six Minute English. There are some interesting topics right now: Blood Doping, Soldier Teachers, Swimming, the World Wide Web, Bird Superstitions and Ebooks, to mention a very few. Which one would you like to know more about? Tell me by leaving me a message on the Tag Board!

More later this week!

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