Thursday, June 23, 2011

Six Minute English: 'Posh People'

Good day everyone. A few days ago I promised you another Six Minute English Quiz. I asked you to have a quick preview of the episode and gave you a link to follow. Now I can ask you a few questions. Read them now, and then listen:

1. (Official): Which member of the pop group The Spice Girls was nicknamed Posh Spice? Was it:

a) Emma Bunton; b) Geri Halliwell; c) Victoria Adams ?

2. In the English class system, people are classified according to a number of ________ and _________ factors. (One word in each space)

3. ‘Posh people’ are supposed to belong to the _______ class. (One word)

4. ‘Posh’ describes something that is ________, _________ and __________. (Three adjectives)

5. What is the origin of the word ‘posh’? Can you write a short sentence explaining this idea? You may need to use the Comments facility.

6. The playwright Julian Fellowes says that ‘posh people’ need to be protected from _________ (One word)

7. A ‘posh’ accent in English is also known as ‘The _____’s English’. (one word, possessive)

8. What does the writer James Delingpole think ‘posh people’ need? (A short sentence.)

9. The writer Owen Jones thinks that the debate about ‘posh people’ is really about stopping discussion about the fact that politics and the media are ……. (a short sentence to complete your answer.

Now listen to the episode. I suggest answering the questions using the Comment facility below this post, especially for questions 5, 8 and 9.
Coming soon: further ideas for practising Listening. And remember: we now have a Facebook page for the British Council in Italy. You're always most welcome to come and visit us. More on the Facebook page very soon.
Have a good weekend!

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