Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Six Minute English on British Republicans: The Answers

Hello everyone. First of all may I sincerely apologise for not having posted anything since the 11th of May!

But I would like to make up for it by posting the correct answers to the last Six Minute English quiz. Here they are:

This week's official question:
Why were British royals put to death by beheading rather than hanging?

a) It was quicker, because gallows – a special wooden structure - weren't needed.

b) It was less brutal to the prisoner as they died more quickly.

c) More executioners preferred to use the axe.

The correct answer is b): It was less brutal to the prisoner as they died more quickly.

Complete the sentences:

2. King Charles I was executed in 1641.

3. How many people are in favour of the monarchy? 70 to 75%.

4. Republicans believe that a country should be governed by someone who has been elected by its citizens, not by someone who was born into the position.

5. “By 2025 we want to see the monarchy gone or going.” (British republican.)

6. Professor Justin Champion says that the British national identity is built around castles and kings and queens when really it ought to be about being a free born Englishman.

Very many thanks to Margherita, Gianluca and Gabriella for posting their answers in a Comment.

And thanks to Tommaso, Antonio, Irene, Daniele and Alessia for posting to the Tag Board.

Another message very soon!

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