Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mobile English

Good day everyone. This week's question: do you have a Smartphone? Do you possess, for instance, an Apple i-Phone, Samsung, LTC, Sony Ericsson, other phone or Apple i-Pad which can do almost anything your home computer can do?

If your answer is Yes, read on. The British Council is 'rolling out' - in other words producing, a series of useful apps that can work on your phone and help you with your English, any time, anywhere.


1. "MyWordBook", which is an interactive vocabulary notebook for language learners;

2. "Johnny Grammar's Quizmaster", in which you test yourself against our resident expert Johnny Grammar with this app for Android™ Smartphone.

3. "Big City Small World", an audio soap for learners of English. This app is for iPhones, iPod Touches and Android devices.

4. "Sounds Right", the British Council's first pronunciation chart for learners and teachers worldwide. This app is for the iPad.

Where to find all these and more? On the British Council's LearnEnglish site in the Mobile Learning section.

So navigate over there and have a look. Keep visiting, because new apps are appearing almost evey fortnight.

And please do leave a comment or a Tag Board message in order to tell everyone about these apps: are they easy to use? are the instructions clear? do they help you with your English?

Meanwhile, I will survey my students here at the British Council Rome to find out how many people have a smartphone. I am guessing that they now form the majority.

Coming up: more recommended sites for practising English, plus a further Six Minute English Quiz.

See you online!
More soon,

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IELTS Writing Task 2 said...

Having a smart phone doesn't cost the earth today. With the reduction in cost and the trend of young people using smart phone, it has become so popular in today society.