Tuesday, May 31, 2011

60-second Word Challenge on your i-Phone

Here's something for readers who have an i-Phone. An app has come out which helps you with your English vocabulary.

It's called "60 Second Word Challenge". It has been released this week for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is a fun vocabulary quiz with 10 topics, three difficulty levels and 600 questions.

Download it now while it's free. Search iTunes for '60 second word challenge' or 'british council'.

Or you can download it from here:

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Coming soon: another Six Minute English Quiz.

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Anonymous said...

hello Mike

hereafter you can find my answers for you:

1. Lady Gaga

2. Social media offer an easy and entertaining way of staying in contact with those they know and trust.

3. Alice uses social media especially with friends who live abroad

4. BBC Technology Correspondent Mark Gregory mentions that social networking sites are an obvious target for scams involving impersonation.

5. From how many computers has Microsoft taken its information?
6 hundred million computers around the word

6. What exactly are “phishing” frauds? What do they encourage you to do?
Generally the “phishing” frauds is when we get a message or an e-mail which seems come from someone we are used to know such as friends or colleagues. They encourage us to hand over our personal information such as our password or username

7. How can you protect yourself from a scam? We need to keep eyes open and to be vigilant especially for what concerns the information we share on line. Moreover we need to have always a secure password

see you soon