Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6 Minute English: British Republicans

Good day everyone. It's mid-week at the British Council Rome, and we are overdue for another episode of Six Minute English.

Looking through the episodes on offer at the BBC, I figured that 'British Republicans' might attract interest from our readers, even though the Royal Wedding is long over and the couple are reportedly on their honeymoon in the Seychelles.

So here is this week's quiz. Read through the questions first before you listen:

This week's official question:

1. Why were British royals put to death by beheading rather than hanging?
a) It was quicker, because gallows – a special wooden structure - weren't needed.
b) It was less brutal to the prisoner as they died more quickly.
c) More executioners preferred to use the axe.

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

Complete these sentences using a word, a phrase, a number or a date:
2.King Charles I was executed in ___________________.
3. How many people are in favour of the monarchy? ___________________
4. Republicans believe that a country should be governed by someone who has been ___________________, not by someone who was ___________________.
5. “By ___________________we want to see the monarchy gone or going.” (British republican)
6. Professor. Justin Champion says that the British national identity is built around ___________________ when really it ought to be about being a ___________________.

Now listen to the programme. When you have finished, write your answers on the Tag Board, or, if your answer is long - over 200 characters - in a comment.
Note that to leave a comment, you do not need to be signed in to Google, or have a Google ID. Simply choose the "Name/URL" option, or the Anonymous" option. But if you choose "Anonymous", please do put your name at the end of your comment. That way, we can all appreciate your answers.
Many thanks! Another message will follow very soon.
Have a very good week,


Anonymous said...

From Margherita:
1. b)
2. In 1649.
3. 70/75%
4. elected by citizens, born in the position
5. 2020
6. castle, queen, king / free boy English man

Gianluca said...

Hy mike those are my answers:

1) (b)
2) 1649
3) opinion polls suggest 70 - 75% but this doesn't mean that the other quarter of british accord to the queen the role of head of state
4) elected by citizens; born into the position
5) 2025
6) castles , queens amd kings; a free born english man

Mike said...

Thanks very much indeed, Gianluca!

I will post the correct answers at the end of this week. I am waiting for some more participants. Is anyone out there?!

Mike said...

Thanks very much indeed Margherita and Gianluca!

I think you have both got this mostly right. I will post the official answers at the beginning of next week. I am a little late with this.

Meanwhile get as much listening practice as you can. Very important!


Gabriella said...

Hello Mike! My answers are:
1) b
2) 1649
3) 70-75%
4) elected by citizens/ born into the position
5) 2025
6) castles, queens and kings/ free born English man.