Thursday, April 28, 2011

Six Minute English: The Answers

Good day everyone! I hope you have all had a good Easter holiday.
My first task is to give you the answers to the Six Minute English quiz, which I posted just before the Easter holidays. Here they are:

A few, but good, people participated. However I would like to see more people participating in future quizzes. Many thanks, all the same, to Gianluca B, Gianluca and Simona.
In the next few days I'll post another quiz. I will also post further Web sites that can help you with listening, and with grammar and vocabulary as well. Watch this space!

More soon,



1) This week's official question:
When we talk about ‘satellite navigation’ in English, there is an abbreviation we use called GPS. What does it stand for? c) global positioning system.

2) The devices are very often called "satnavs", especially in the UK.

3) Navigation systems sometimes cause problems, as with people driving into rivers, or getting stuck on roads which are too narrow.

4) A woman complains about lorries (trucks) getting stuck under a bridge and trying to reverse.

5) Antony Chmarny works for a company selling navigation systems. What is his advice on what not to do when using them? "Don't drive anywhere if it doesn't look OK." Another suggestion is: "Use your common sense."

6) Professor Martyn Thomas of the Royal Academy of Engineering warns that the radio signal used by navigation systems is "very weak".

7) He also warns that people who use these systems become "too reliant" on them.

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