Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Seven Questions for Six Minutes: Satellite Navigation Systems

Hello everyone. How many of you use a GPS or Satellite Navigation System? I have one in my phone and use it occasionally. Once, it got me safely to a dinner party in a remote part of Rome. Amazingly, I got there without taking any wrong turnings, and without having to stop and look at a street plan. So I'm sold on GPSs. In other words, no one needs to persuade me of their usefulness.

But things can go badly wrong when you use a GPS. We're going to find out why in this week's Six Minute English. First, read the questions below:

1) This week's official question:
When we talk about ‘satellite navigation’ in English, there is an abbreviation we use called GPS. What does it stand for? Is it: a) greater place signal: b) global positioning signal, or c) global positioning system? You will hear the answer at the end of the programme.

2) The devices are very often called "_________s"

3) Navigation systems sometimes cause problems, as with people ........................................... or .................................................. (Two examples are given. Complete the sentences according to what you hear.)

4) A woman complains about lorries (trucks) ....................... and  ...................
(Complete the sentences according to what you hear.)

5) Antony Chmarny works for a company selling navigation systems. What is his advice on what not to do when using them?

6) Professor Martyn Thomas of the Royal Academy of Engineering warns that the radio signal used by navigation systems is "...............................".

7) He also warns that people who use these systems become "______ _______" on them.

Now listen to the programme. When you have finished, send your answers to this blog as a comment or as a short message to the Tag Board. This time, I'd like everyone to try listening and answering!

More very soon!


Gianluca B said...

hi mike! here are my answers to the six minutes english:

3)driving into rivers or getting stuck on roads wich are too narrows
4)getting stuck under a bridge and have to reverse
5)use your common sense
6)quite easy to mess up
7)too reliant

Mike said...

Hi Gianluca! Well done; I think you have got this mostly right.
A correction:

roads wich are too narrow (no 's')

I hope some more people reply to this.



Michael said...

Sorry, I meant to correct it like this:

roads which are too narrow (no 's')

Gianluca said...

Hi "mighty"" Mike!
following your request here they are my answers:

1) c
2) satnavs
3) who has driving into river or were getting stuk on a road too narrow
4) that following directions on the satnavs AND keep getting stuck on a 15th centuries stone archway in her town
5) if a direction doesn't like suitable the driver don't have to drive down it. The best way is to use our common sense.
6) a very weak radio signal easyest to messed up;in light terms, the radio signal looks like a bolt twenty miles away (from the observer position
7) becoming too reliant on GPS because they can be interfered with

that's all professor!
Have an happy easter, we will see us on april 27!

Gianluca S.

Simona said...

hi mike! here are my answers:

1) global positioning system
2) GPS
3) drove into rivers or got stuck on roads which were too narrow
4) which get stuck under the bridge and cause a lot of problems trying to reverse
5) don't drive down if it doesn't look suitable

bye :)

Mike said...

Thank you very much, Gianluca and Simona!

I will post the official answers very soon.