Wednesday, March 02, 2011

This Week's Six Minute English

Hello everyone. I have been away since 15 February, but it has been a busy time. Today, however, I can bring you a quiz from the latest Six Minute English.

This week the topic is sleepwalking. Before you listen, read these questions:

1.) (official): What do the letters REM stand for?  a) rapid eye movement; b) random eye movement; c) relative eye movement

2.) Stephen hasn't yet walked in his sleep but he has been known to _____ ______ . (two words.)

3.) Sleepwalking is genetic: in other words, it is passed on from ______ to _____ .

4.) When she sleepwalks, Margaret Brand _____ ______, _____ ______ and takes _______ . (one word for each line.)

5.) According to Dr. Dev Banerjee, the majority of sleepwalkers is fairly _________, but  a proportion of them may _______ themselves or fall ___________ .

6.) One in ______ children and one in ________ adults sleepwalk.

7.) Sleepwalking may be due to a ______________ gene.

8.) Investigating this gene may help researchers to develop ____ and ________ .

Now, listen to the programme and make a note of your answers. Post them in a comment below this message, or to the Tag Board at the top right of this blog.

I look forward to participation by Everyone!

More soon,


Maria said...

1) a rapid eyes moviment
2) to tell story
3) from parent to child
4) moves or eats things and take medications
5) harmless - injured
6) five - ten
7) defective gene
8) tests and treatments

Mike said...

Fantastic, Maria! Very prompt.


Massimo said...

I'm very late but just now I saw the exercise:
1)(Official) Rapid Eye Movement
2) tell stories.
3) parent to child.
4) wakes up, moves, eats and takes medications.
5) harmless - injure - down the stairs.
6) five - ten
7) defective
8) tests and treatments.
See you Tuesday


Michael said...

Good Max! I think you've got it. I will post the offcial answers early this coming week.