Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sleepwalking on Six Minute English: The Answers

Dear All,
Sorry to have taken some time to post the answers to the latest Six Minute English quiz. Very many thanks to those who participated: Maria, Massimo and Giovanni. A few, but good!

1.) (official): What do the letters REM stand for? a) rapid eye movement; b) random eye movement; c) relative eye movement

2.) Stephen hasn't yet walked in his sleep but he has been known to tell stories. (two words.)

3.) Sleepwalking is genetic: in other words, it is passed on from parent to child.

4.) When she sleepwalks, Margaret Brand eats things, moves things and takes medication. (one word for each line.)

5.) According to Dr. Dev Banerjee, the majority of sleepwalkers is fairly harmless, but a proportion of them may injure themselves or fall downstairs.

6.) One in five children and one in ten adults sleepwalk.

7.) Sleepwalking may be due to a defective gene.

8.) Investigating this gene may help researchers to develop tests and treatment.

If you like you can listen again.

And now I leave you, for the moment, with this week's Express English Question: Have you ever been jealous?

Listen and watch, and then post your experiences on this Blog. Use the Tag Board for short replies up to 200 characters, or write a Comment if your answer is longer and more detailed. To post a Comment, click on "Comment" below this post, and follow the instructions.

I'll be back at the end of this week!



Anonymous said...

Hello Mike!!!
I would like to leave a comment about "Have you ever been jealous?" Yes I have. But only in relationship of couple whit my boyfriend. For example when my boyfriend looks at other women
in these situations I prefer not to say anything. I thing in relations of couple must be a minimum of jealous so we can see that there is a real feeling.

Mike said...

Aha! An Iranian girl living in London said she preferred English men because, she said, they have what in Iran they call "clean eyes". That means that they don't look at other women while they are with their girlfriends. What do you think of that?

- Mike

Anonymous said...

Its very fanny!!!!
I thing this story of British man is false. Or maybe I still have not met anyone English man.

Mike said...

Hi Khrystyna! Permit me to make a few corrections:

1. It's very funny!!
2. I think this story about an English man is false. Or maybe I have not met any English men.

But what do you mean? You have met me, and I am an Englishman! (Only joking!!!)