Friday, February 11, 2011

Six Minute English: The Answers

Good afternoon everyone. Do you remember that Six Minute English quiz of a fornight ago, about musical ability? Here, at last, are the answers.

1. (Official question) Listen to two short pieces of music. Are they (a) exactly the same, or (b) different?

Exactly the same!
2. Complete the sentence according to what you hear: A musical person is not only someone who can play music or who has had formal training, but also someone who can appreciate and understand the rhythm of a piece of music or a song.
3. According to music scientist Dr. Lauren Stewart, someone has a sophisticated understanding of music if they know how to choose the right music for a social occasion, or if they know how music affects their moods and emotions.
4. According to another music expert, people don't listen to classical music because they are afraid they won't understand it.

Many thanks to those who responded, espeically Massimo. Some people found the quiz difficult. They said it was not easy to formulate answers to the questions, because there was no structure to the questions. In other words, you had to listen to the programme and then answer the questions in your own words.

So for the next quiz I'll try giving true/false or mutliple choise questions. Ultimately, however, we should be working towards a more 'open' type of question. Watch this space.

I apologise for the delay in providing these answers. It has been a week of tests and exams. From next week I plan to post more often to this Blog.

Kind regards and more soon,

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