Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wikileaks Interview: The Answers

Hello everyone. We now have answers to the twelve quiz questions about the Radio Four "Today" interview between John Humphrys and Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

These answers come to us courtesy of Francesco Mileo and Tamara Tossici of Level Three. Here they are. I have made a few small corrections. Check the questions in the previous posting.

  1. Assange has changed the world because, through the work that his organization Wikileaks has been doing for the last four years, no secret is safe.
  2. Because, he feels “emasculated” by that kind of bad lucky charm on his body.
  3. The case was taken up again when the politician Claes Borgstrom and other forces became involved.
  4. Assange is refusing to return to Sweden because he would be arrested and held incommunicado. He can’t permit his organization to be beheaded right now when a lot of other things are at stake.
  5. Assange has always argued that “the public has to know what’s going on and people can be held to account”, but when some offences are attributed to him, he doesn’t want to face the consequences.
  6. No. He doesn’t.
  7. He means that, over many years, women have been generous to him in different ways: assisting him with his work, caring for him, loving him and, on occasion, having sex with him.
  8. Assange thinks that his organization has achieved a lot of goals which are good for the global community. They have caused changes in governements, new law reform efforts, police and UN investigations and many other developments.
  9. Because they need to do it! Especially to enact certain important policies.
  10. They can continue to speak freely, they have just to write things of which they can be proud.
  11. Assange maintains that, in this case, noboby can prove that documents published from Wikileaks have come from illegal hacking. The allegations are that an intelligence agent walked out with the material on a CD.
  12. He feels he is like someone who is changing the perception of the western world. He feels untroubled but he is paying for his actions with a little solitary confinement.
Many thanks to Francesco and Tamara! Keep up the good work.
Coming up soon: grammar practice recommendations and the next Six Minute English Quiz.


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