Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Answers to Six Minute English: The Weaker Sex

Hello everyone. Here are the answers to the most recent 6 Minute English Quiz:

1) Tenfold - ten times the number.
2) Men find it difficult to ask for help when they need it.
3) Men are more likely to die from cancer and to commit suicide.
4) Doug didn't return to hospital when he continued to get chest pains because he 'didn't want to be a burden'; he 'didn't want to be a fuss'. (burden = nuisance; 'be a fuss" = draw attention to himself)
5) 'Lifestyle choices' include drinking and smoking too much, a bad diet, and not getting enough exercise.
6. Men fail to consult doctors because they don't like to admit weakness or that they have a problem, or that they are vulnerable.
7. We've got to educate men to be more aware, and we have to make the health care system much more accessible.

Very many thanks to all those who participated, namely:
Maya, Giovanni, Maria, Francesco Mileo, Pierluigi and Marzia.

In my very next message: current top sites and recommendations for further work on topics we have recently covered in class.


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