Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Grammar This Week

Hello everyone. Today, I'm writing the first of a series of posts on the grammar we're studying right now at the British Council Rome. I'm now going to give you a few useful links to help you help yourself with grammar.

Topic number one this week: Conditionals. "Zero", First and Second Conditionals are explained on the British Council's Learn English site. When you have read the explanation, try the exercise at the bottom of the page.

There are more exercises on Conditionals on the English File Intermediate site. Take note of the verb forms used, especially after "when", "if", "unless" and similar.

Topic number two: Present Simple and Present Continuous. When do we use which? Have a look at English Grammar Secrets. This link is concerned with the continuous form. Read the explanation and do the exercises.

When you have finished, click on "Return to List of Grammar Lessons" and choose "Present Simple or Continuous", or click here. Read the explanations and examples, then do all four exercises.

There are further exercises on the Present Simple and Continuous on the English File Pre-Intermediate site. There is also a talk on the subject with Bilal from Syria on the BBC Learning English site.

Now, leave a message on the Tag Board or in a comment below this posting. Tell everyone which site was the most useful. Did they help your understand of grammar? Or not? And give brief reasons for your answers.

Your feedback is very important to everyone. Your comments and messages provide us all with valuable information. They also make this blog genuinely interactive. In this connection, I would like to thank Margherita, Francesco, Irene, Ilaria and Massimo.

Coming soon: a fresh Quiz from Six Minute English on the BBC. Watch this space!

More soon,

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