Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Using the Internet to practise English

Dear All.

In the past few weeks I have been telling you what a great resource the Net is for students of English at all levels.

So here is a very brief summary of web sites:

Elementary Listening: "Real English" by Michael Marzio. Go through the lessons in numerical order. Do the exercises as well.

Pre-Intermediate Book site for "English File Pre-Intermediate"

The site for English File Intermediate

Exam classes, such as Senior F or Level Five: "Flo-Joe". Choose First Certificate or FCE.

Intermediate classes: Listening, Reading, Grammar: "Learning English" on the BBC. This is a very large resource. You could spend a long time here.

That's all for right now. As you see this is a very short list. For more sites, explore the right-hand column of this Blog.

And do report back if you find a site that is not working. You can report to me by leaving a message on the Tag Board.

Similarly, whenever you visit a site and do an exercise, or simply explore the site, leave a message on the Tag Board. Say what site you visited and whether it helped your English.

This message is intended for all learners of English, whether or not you are at the British Council Rome.

Coming soon: a fresh Listening Quiz.

More soon. Yours,


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