Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Six Minute English: New Words in English: The Answers

Hell everyone.

As promised, here are the answers to the latest Six Minute English Quiz:

1. (b) - two thousand words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year.

2. The dictionary compilers use software tools to detect new words, which must have occurred regularly in chat rooms, newspapers and magazines.

3. When you remove someone from your list on Faecbook, you 'unfriend' or 'defriend' them.

4. A 'dictionary attack' involves searching automatically through all the words in a dictionary in order to find a word that matches someone's password to a private web site.

5. A 'toxic debt' is one which is now worthless, such as a mortgage which is very unlikely to be repaid.

6. Alice's favourite new word is 'vuvuzela'.

Another quiz coming up soon - plus a roundup of useful Web sites for you to learn and practise your English.

More soon!

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