Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Quarter-Life Crisis

Good afternoon everyone. The latest from Six Minute English is about the "quarter-life crisis". We're going to find out what it is by listening and aswering a few simple questions. When you've finished, post your answers to the questions on the Tag Board or in a comment. Then say whether you have every experienced either a quarter-life or a mid-life crisis and tell us how you dealt with it.

First, the questions:
1) According to a recent survey in Britain, when does middle age begin? Is it at:
(a) 35; (b) 40; (c) 45 ?

2) What exactly is a "mid-life" crisis?
It happens to people who are in their _____ and ______ . Essentially it is a ________ of _________ ___________ . People react by looking for ways to ________ ________ _______ .[one word for each line like this:________ .]

4. In a quarter-life crisis people...
... are aged in their _______________ .
... worry about ____ ____ ____ and _______ they are _______ .

5. Quarter-life crises are mainly caused by (mention three causes):

6) Is the quarter-life crisis the same as the mid-life crisis but twenty years earlier? Give reasons for your answer.

7) Callum says he is nearly ______ years old.

Now, listen to the programme. Don't forget to use the Tag Board or a Comment to share your answers with everyone.

More very soon!
 - Mike


Paolo said...

Hello Mike,
we're having a heatwave in Rome and so is very difficult to do everything.

I was listening to this new six minutes and i found something strange about question number 5.

Two reasons , unaffordable property and really competitive job market, are the same for people who is older in Italy.

Don't you think it is a really strange thing ?

Michael said...

Hi Paolo. I am not sure whether this is really strange. We have always known that Italy is quite a difficult country to live in. And it may become true for older people in other European countries too.

Yes, I am not entirely enjoying the heatwave myself!
More soon,