Monday, July 05, 2010

Monsters of the Highlands: The Answers

Good day everyone!
As promised some time ago, here are the answers to the Scottish Highland Monsters questions:
1) A Highlander wears his sporran round his waist - answer (b).
2) The Highlands are popular with people who like camping and hill walking.
3) Midges have mouthparts like a pair of shearing scissors. They cut a hole in your skin and suck your blood.
4) A lot of midges together look like a black cloud.
5) The sporran is useful for keeping your money and your whisky.
I can confirm the monstrous nature of Midges. When I went on a cycling tour of the Western Highlands some years ago with two friends from Naples, they were a terrible nuisance. Not only would they bite, they would also get into your eyes and nose. I really wonder what their role in the ecology is. They are less of a problem in the Eastern Highlands but a hazard nonetheless. They are also to be found in the North Pennines and the Lake District, both of which regions are in England. They are not known to spread disease.

Many thanks to Paolo, Savina and Giovanni for your messages! Keep up the good work of visiting this site and making it interactive.

More messages and another exercise later this week.

 - Mike

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