Friday, June 25, 2010

Monster of the Highlands, introduced by Six Minute English

Are you thinking of going to the Highlands of Scotland this summer? If you are, you may want to think again after listening to this week's Six Minute English. The Scottish Highlands are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions of Europe. But they harbour a serious hazard: The Midge!

In this week's listening exercise you will learn a little about the midge. The Vocabulary section on the programme's web page will tell you quite a lot.

Now for the questions. Read the questions first and then listen to the programme.

1. Official question: where would a Highlander in traditional dress wear a 'sporran'? Would it be (a) on his head, (b) around his waist or (c) on his feet?

2. Complete the gaps with one word: "The Highlands are popular with people who like _____ - ______ and _________ ." [One hyphenated word, one single word.]

3. Why are midges called "monsters"? According to the expert, "they have __________ like a pair of shearing scissors. They cut a ________ in your skin and _______ your _______ ." [one word in each gap.]

4. Sometimes there are so many midges that they look like a ________ ________ . [two words.]

5. The sporran is useful for keeping your ______ and your ______ . [one word in each gap]

Now listen to the programme. As always, post your answers to the Tag Board or write them in the Comments section. Let's have everyone replying!

Coming soon: more recommendations from the British Council's newly-revised "LearnEnglish" site.

Have a good weekend!
- Mike

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