Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learning To Drive on 6 Minute English: The Answers!

Many thanks to the people who completed the latest Six Minute English exercise about learning to drive, and the Japanese approach to this activity. Here are the answers:
1. The fear of travelling in cars is known as "amaxaphobia." Extraordinary - I would have guessed (a) myself.

2. Kate doesn't have a car because she lives in Central London. Many New Yorkers don't have cars either - indeed they sometimes proudly tell you they do not have a driver's licence. Paolo found this very strange, as in Rome EVERYONE has a car.

3. Japanese people are not very interested in driving because Japan's public transport is very efficient; at the same time car ownership and parking are very difficult in Japan.

4. Japanese driving schools are trying to attract more customers by being more customer-oriented and offering extra services such as massages and relaxation sessions.
Keep visiting us: I will be posting more about how to get the best from the Net when you are practising or learning English. "A little but often" is the most effective technique.

More later this week.

- Mike

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