Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learning to drive: four questions for six minutes

Hello everyone. I apologise for my silence over the last few days: since, in fact, 27th May. But it is that time of year again: the end of courses accompanied by intensive periods of correcting tests and exams.

However, I've been able to compile another listening exercise based on tthe BBC Learning English site's Six Minute English, and here it is. Before you try the exercise, read the questions first:

1. (Official question): Some people have a fear of travelling in cars. Is this phobia called (a) 'autophobia'; (b) 'amaxophobia'; (c) 'carnophobia' ?

2. Does Kate have a car? Why (not)?

3. Why are many Japanese people not interested in driving?

4. How are many Japanese driving schools trying to attract more pupils?
Now, listen to the programme. Then post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment.

Six Minute English is not the only on-line listening resource. Over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to other web sites, so keep visiting this Blog.

More soon!
- Mike


Paolo said...

Hi Mike,
the answer to the official question is:
b) amaxopobia ; this word come from greek and it means "cart"
The other answers are :

2) Kate doesn't have a car because she lives in central London and doesn't need one ( this sounds very strange for me because here EVERYONE has a car )

3)Many Japanese people aren't interested in driving because in Japan public transport is efficient and it's difficult to own and to park a car

4)They offer services to their pupils such a session in a beauty salon and a massage to relax after a lesson

Mike said...

Paolo: Thanks very much for your answers. I will wait a few days to see who else posts answers before I post the official answers myself.