Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cycling In Copenhagen: The Answers

Dear All,

Here are the answers to last week's Six Minute English exercise:

1) Official question: 1.2 million kilometres are cycled every day in the Danish capital.
2) Callum's two favourite pastimes are cycling and eating.
3) The hotel is making its offer to encourage guests to think about their consumption of energy.
4) Ten watts of energy will light up two light bulbs.
5) Another source of energy in Denmark comes from wind farms.
6) Wind farms produce a fifth of Denmark's energy. 

Many thanks to all those who sent in answers. This time they include: Giovanni, Damiano, Corrado, Max, Olimpia, Bruno, Simona, Paolo, Leonardo, Lorenza, Simone and Chiara.

A long list this time! This is very encouraging. The more people, the merrier!

Another message very soon.
- Mike

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