Friday, April 09, 2010

The Truth about Lies

Dear All,

Welcome back from the Easter holiday, if you had one. I went to Turkey to see my mother and have a drive round. Paolo has asked for some information and advice about this remarkable country, so I hope to have something for you all soon. Meanwhile, here are the answers to the questions in the latest Six Minute English listening exercise:

That's all for now! More next week. But do continue to explore this Blog and all its links. And do continue to leave messages on the Tag Board. I would like to see some new names!
1. Surprisingly - teachers! Especially if they feel they have to manipulate someone. Clearly this profession is not all that it may appear to be.
2. Many people tell two important lies a day.
3. "an unavoidable part of human nature".
4. You can identify liars because they tend to: (a) be more general when they answer a question; (b) pause more; (c) be more structured in their answers; they tend to plan their lies.
5. The lie detector measures your breathing, your pulse and your "galvanic skin repsonse", or increased sweating.
6. Control questions are those to which you are expected to lie, such as "Have you ever lied to anyone in authority?"
7. A "white lie" is one that you tell to make someone feel good. An example is "You've lost wieght!" - when the person clearly hasn't. Flattery might be another word.
Many thanks to Paolo, Simona, Bruono, Giovanni, Chiara and Savina.

- Mike


lorenza said...

i think that traders and shop-assistants are absolutly the best liars!in some professions like lawyer and teacher, lies are admitted and, sometimes, justified. but it doesn't worth when a pair of jeans can you look like an embalmed mummy!

Mike said...

I can't believe the people who pay good money to buy ripped jeans...

On a serious note, many people no longer trust their employers. Do you suspect your boss of lying?

lorenza said...

In my temporary work (i'm working in a sporting club, for now) trust is very important because i have to handle the money that people pay for their activities. I work as secretary, so that's my duty to look after the cash. My boss and me, we mutually trust each other.