Thursday, April 22, 2010

Six Minute English with Malcolm McLaren: The Answers!

Hello everyone.
And many thanks to all those people who answered last week's Six Minute English. They include Olimpia, Chiara, Simona, Gianluca, Giovanni, Silvia, Paolo, Lorenza, Leonardo, Carlo and Simone!

That's a longer list than before, and very encouraging. But I long to see everybody (!) leaving their answers on this Blog.

And now the answers:

1. Johnny Rotten - of course.
2. "iconic"
3. (a) "a real charmer" (b) "a total spieler" (c) "incredibly articulate" (d) "very well-educated"
4. The word is "spieler" and it has come into English from German and Yiddish.
5. Neil Spencer's attitude to Malcolm McLaren is positive, even admiring.

I'll be back soon with another listening exercise based on Six Minute English. Meanwhile, there is a lot that you can do. Lorenza, Corrado, Simona and Elisabetta, to name a few, have been visiting other sites such as Randall's Cyber-Listening Lab and Michael Marzio's Real English.

I very strongly encourage you to follow their example - and leave a message on the tag Board, as they have done.

More very soon!
 - MIke

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