Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Questions for Six Minutes: Malcolm McLaren, the Godfather of Punk

Good day everyone. As promised, here is a further listening exercise based on Six Minute English. Today it is very short. It's about Malcolm Mclaren, the promoter of the group The Sex Pistols, who died recently.

As usual, read the questions first, then listen to the talk. Then post your answers in a Comment or on the Tag Board.

1. The real name of the lead singer of the Sex Pistols  is John Lydon. What is his stage name?
(a) Johnny Terrible (b) Johnny Rotten (c) Johnny Awful

2. The Sex Pistols were the most __________ punk band. (insert one word)

3. The journalist Neil Spencer uses four different expressions to describe Malcolm McLaren. Insert one word into each space:
 (a) "a real __________ "
 (b) "a total __________ "
 (c) "incredibly ________ "
 (d) "very well-________ "

4. One of these words has come into English from another language. Which word and which language?

5. How would you describe Neil Spencer's attitude to Malcolm McLaren?

Now listen to the talk. Then enter your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment. A Comment is better if you are writing a longer answer, or if you want to put all your answers together rather than in separate messages on the Tag Board.

Official answers next week.

Have a good weekend!

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 - Mike


Paolo said...

So, these are my answers :

1.Johnny Rotten
2.The most iconic
3. a) charmer
b) spiel
c) articulate
d) well-educated
4. The word is "spiel" that is a German word which comes from Yddish ( if I've understood )
5.I think the journalist has a positive impression of Malcolm McLaren, he said he was a man able to keep the interest of the media and also he was able to manipulate the media. He said Malcolm McLaren was a kind of good salesman.

Michael Ivy said...

Looks good Paolo! But let me see who else replies.


Chiara said...

1.Johnny Rotten
3.a) a real charmer
b) a total spieler
c) incredibly articulate
d) very well educated
4.spieler; German word
5.Positive impression

lorenza said...

1. rotten
2. iconic

a. at the first listening, i understood "drama"; because of the following sentence which said "the media is my lover", but also because of the voice that came from a phone.
b. spieler
c. articulate
d. very well educated

4. spiel, a word coming from the yiddish german
5. someone who can often get what he wants, a very show man, in the sense of someone who is able to joke with the media

Leonardo said...

1 Johnny Rotten
2 Iconic
3 A Charmer B Spieler C Articulate
D Educated
4 Spiler, comes from German
5 Yes, i agree with Rosie

carlo said...

1)johnny rotten
3)real charmer,spieler,incredibly articulate,very well educated
4)spieler is a word which comes from german
5)the impression about johnny is very positive.The journalist explains that he was an artist communicative,able to draw mediatic attention to himself.

Simone said...

Hi all, these are my answer:

1) The John Lydon’s stage name is Jonny Rotten

2) The Sex Pistols were the most iconic punk band

(a) "a real charmer"
(b) "a total spieler"
(c) "incredibly articulate "
(d) "very well-educated "

4) Spieler is a German Yiddish word

5) Neil has a positive view of Malcom Mclaren saying he has a good influence to people.