Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Cycling For Food" - Six Questions for Six Minutes

Hello everybody. It's a rainy Tuesday morning here in Rome. So to cheer you up, here is another listening comprehension exercise from Six Minute English. This time, it's about an idea in Copenhagen, Denmark, initiated by a new hotel there.

As usual, read the questions, then listen to the dialogue.

1. Official question: according to the Copenhagen government's statistics how many kilometres are cycled in total, every working day, by people living and working in Copenhagen?

a) 1.2 million km; b) 1.6 million km; c) 2.1 million km

2. What are Callum's two favourite pastimes?

3. Why is the new hotel making its unusual offer to cyclists?

4. What can be done with ten watts of electricity, as a practical example?

5. What other form of renewable energy does Denmark produce?

6. And what proportion of Denmark's energy does this alternative form provide?

Now listen to the programme. And as usual, post your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment.
And let's participate in Massive Numbers! I'd like to see the Tag Board and Comments Section absolutely flooded with your messages! I look forward to it.

More very soon and have a nice day!
- Mike


Paolo said...

Hi Mike, I think this new six minutes episode interest you very much , isn't it ?

I think recycling ,in this case the appropriate word, the energy that the cyclists produce ,is a very great idea !!!

More bicycles = less Co2 !!!

Paolo 4A class

Mike said...

Hello Paolo! I look forward to reading your answers.

Paolo said...

Hello Mike, today it seems to be a very sunny day in Rome.

Now, my answers to Six minutes in English:

Official question: 1.2 million km ; the population in Copenhagen is 1.6 million but not every one cycle every day.

2) Callum's favourite pastimes are cycling and eating

3) The hotel offer guest and free meals to their guests if they make electricity by cicling

4) Every guest have to make ten watt hour of energy and this can be done if they roughly cycling for 15 minutes and so they qualify for a main course. Ten watts can be used for a couple of lightbulbs

5) Other form of renewable energy that Denmark produce is the wind power

6) Provides about 20 %

Paolo 4A

Leonardo said...

1 a) 1.2 milion km

2 Cycling and eating

3 According to Rosie the hotel's owners are doing that as a pubblicity stunt and a gimmick, because the hotel is new. According to the BBC report, the hotel managment whant to encourage the hotel's guests to think about their consumption of energy

4 Ten watts of energy are just enough for a couple of light bulbs

5 Danmark also produce renewable energy by windpower

6 About a fifth of the total

Lorenza said...

1) 1.2 milion km
2) Cycling and eating
3) To make people think about how much energy they use
4) To power a couple of light bublbs
5) Wind power(and solar energy)
6) The fifht of their energy

The spring has come...let's leave our cars!

Mike Ivy said...

Lorenza says: "The spring has come...let's leave our cars!"

I agree! Would anyone like to come on a bicycle ride with me next Sunday?

Nothing energetic - 30 km round Lago di Bracciano.

Simone said...

Hi all:

1)1.2 million km

2)Callum’s favourite pastime are cycling and eating

3)The hotel offers a free meal if guest made electricity by cycling

4)Ten watts are enough to power a couple of light bulbs

5)Wind energy

6)Wind farm generates the 5% of Denmark's energy

Chiara said...

1)1.2 million km
2)cycling and eating
3)the new hotel offers free meals as publicity
4)ten watts are enough to power a couple of light bulbs
5)wind power
6)20% of denmark's energy

Bye Bye Mike!see you next monday!