Thursday, March 11, 2010

Recording Yourselves

Hello everyone. Just a short message about recording yourselves reading "Words In The News" and sending me the sound files.

Many thanks are due to Leonardo and Gian Piero of the Monday course. They have both sent me MP3 files of their recordings. I'll be giving them individual feedback.

However, when you send me your recording you may receive an Alert Notification from the British Council saying that your e-mail has been blocked.

Do not worry about this. The next step is that the British Council e-mail administrator contacts me to warn me about the blocked e-mail. I then reply saying that it is a work-related e-mail with an MP3 audio file. The e-mail is then immediately released for me to read.

Obviously, the British Council needs to exercise control over the potentially vast number of multimedia files floating through its system. These files can be very big and cause delays.

However, do follow Gian Piero and Leonardo's example, record yourselves and send me the sound files. It may soon be possible to add such files to this Blog, or to the Rome Students' Forum.

Watch this space!
Many thanks and more soon,
- Mike

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