Friday, March 19, 2010

Prison Restaurant: The Answers

Hello everyone! There's a definite feeling that spring is just around the corner here in Rome. What are you all doing this weekend? If it's nice on Sunday, I might to round Lago di Bracciano on my bicycle.

But now for business. Many thanks to all those who answered the latest Six Minute English quiz on the prison restaurant. They include Giovanni, Paolo, Corrado, Olimpia, Bruno, Chiara and Savina.

This is a good number of respondents. But there are many more of you out there. I have 143 current and former students this academic year. I do urge as many of you as possible to participate in the Blog and leave messages on the Tag Board. Otherwise, I have no idea who is visiting the Blog.

Most of you got most of the answers right, so congratulations! However, I will now post the official answers.

(1) Nine million people around the world are officially in prison.
(2) Callum hasn't eaten anywhere particularly strange, except on top of a mountain or on a beach.
(3) The restaurant is called 'The Clink', which is also slang for 'prison'.
(4) The restaurant is run by the prisoners, who grow some of the ingredients in the prison itself, or obtain them locally. The prisoners receive training in cooking and hospitality.
(5) "The Clink" isn't open to the public. You have to be invited.
(6) The restaurant can help to reduce crime by giving prisoners valuable skills which will help them to find jobs when they are released.
(7) The USA, Russia and China hold half of all the world's prisoners.
(8) Men are more likely to spend time in prison than women.
(9) And men are eight times more likely to find themselves in prison than women.
In the next few days, possibly even this weekend, I'll post a further Six Minute English quiz on this Blog. Meanwhile, I encourage you to explore the right-hand column of the Blog for further opportunities for practising your English. Here are just a few examples:

British Council English Online.This is intended for students in China. But you can see an English version, and there is a lot of useful material. Try, in no particular order: "Word Of The Day", "You're Hired" - guide to getting a job - and "Big City Small World".

Mark Appleby's "The Link" in Porto, Portugal. Mark is a teacher at the British Council in Porto. He has created "The Link" in order to encourage students to conduct debates in English. The debates are on topics of current interest. One whcih has attracted a lot of exchanges is: "Why Being Good Sucks". (sucks = is terrible, awful) Is it better to be good or bad?

Go4English. This is another British Council site, this time aimed at students from Arab countries. But do not worry: when you click the link you will be taken to the English version. This area is also full of materials. Click the "New from the British Council" area. I tried "Get That Job!" If I had continued, I would have learned how to speak about my personal skills, how to speak about my professional skills, and how to talk about the kind of job I wanted. You might also check out the "Phrasals for Fun" area.

More recommendations coming up soon! And another Six Minute English quiz.
Watch this space!
 - Mike

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mike

As anticipated on Thursday, I appreciated your last two introduction sentences for this page. You seem to be a poet!! I think the springtime is your favorite season. It’s truth?

So, here below I’d repeat again this two sentences highlighting the words I didn’t know yet.

“. . . . It's a lovely, if cool, Friday morning here in The Eternal City, and the weekend is !”
Very nice sentence! It seem to me very appropriate to spring in Rome.!

“ . . .There's a definite feeling that spring is just around the corner here in Rome.”

This sentence doesn’t contain new words for me, but it likes me, because I think that this way of saying “. .. .there’s a definitive feeling that . . . . is just around the corner” will be very useful in my conversations

That said, I’m sure that tomorrow you’ll able to go around Lago di Bracciano with your bicycle.

See you on Tuesday evening.