Thursday, March 04, 2010

Plastic Pollution: The Answers

Good afternoon everyone.
Very many thanks go to Olimpia, Sergio, Antonella, Giovanni, Savina and Bruno for supplying answers to the most recent Six Minute English exercise. But where were all the other students??

Now here are the answers:
1. (c) forty-six thousand pieces of plastic to each average square kilometre of ocean. (United Nations figures)
2. Every year, plastic pollution kills over a million seabirds and a hundred thousand mammals.
3. Examples of the litter found in seabirds' stomachs include bottles, toys, fishing nets and ropes.
4. Eighty per cent of plastic found in the ocean is litter that has been thrown away on land.
5. One hundred million tonnes of plastic products are made each year.
6. Forty per cent of this is used for packaging.
7. The three 'Rs' are:
  • Reduce the amount of packaging;
  • Reuse packages more than once;
  • Recycle the materials used.
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Would you like to listen to the exercise again?

In my next post: How to use the BBC's 'Words In The News' as a model for pronunciation. Watch this space!
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