Friday, March 26, 2010

Are You A Liar? Seven Questions for Six Minutes!

Hello everyone! It's the first truly warm day here in The Eternal City.

Okay, so in today's Six Minute English we are going to explore an aspect of dishonesty, specifically, Lying. Some categories of people, particularly lawyers (liars?) and politicians, have a reputation for lying, or, in the famous words of one British government official, being "economical with the truth." But what is the truth about lying? You are about to find out.

Now read the questions below:
1. (Official question): Which profession admits to lying the most?
(a) Teachers; (b) Doctors; (c) Politicians.
(You'll hear the answer at the end of the programme.)

2. According to research, how many lies do most people tell every day?
3. "Lying is a(n) ___________ part of human nature." Listen and insert one word into the gap.
4. How can you tell if someone is lying? Listen to the psychiatrist Sharon Leal and briefly describe the three factors that she mentions.
5. How does a "lie detector" work? It measures your ________, your ___________ and your ________ .
6. What is a "control question"?
7. What is the definition of a "white" lie? What example does the speaker give?

Now listen to the programme. Then write your answers on the Tag Board or in the Comment below this posting.

That's all for now. I will be on holiday until 7 April. Have a very Good Easter holiday, and as they say where I'm going, iyi yolculuklar!
- Mike


Carlotta Michetti said...

Hey Michael ! It's 10 pm, and I'm a bit tired (you know, to be on holiday is veeeeery stressful: I go out with my friend everyday !) so, I think I'm not going to do the listening ! Well, happy Easter holidays, I hope you'll have fun during them ! See you on April 13th ! (:

Mike said...

Thanks so much Carlotta! Happy Easter to you!

Paolo said...

Hi Michael.
Did you enjoy during the Easter holidays ?
I hope you enjoyed !!
How was the weather ?
Here it was not so good.

See you on Wednesday lesson.

Paolo said...

Hi Mike, so these are my answers to Six Minutes questions :



4.A person who is lying tend to pause more than usual; we can say he try to tell things according to a structure he planned before.
And moreover, he tend to be more general in what he says.

5.A lie detector measures things that happen in your body : breathing,pulse and galvanic skin response.

6.A control question is a question you are expected to lie.

7.A white lie is a lie you might tell to make someone feel good, for eample a compliment that is not really true.

Teachers is the answer for the first question.
It seems to me more correct the answer (c) : politicians !!!