Monday, February 08, 2010


Dear All,

I apologise for the lack of any further Six Minute English and other exercises here on The Blog. Right now I am busy marking mid- and end-course tests. But I hope to post a new exercise for you later this week. As well as this I will post the correct answers for the previous exercises.

Meanwhile, I advise you to look at the list of Video and Listening Sites down the right-hand column of this Blog. And just below the Tag Board, you'll also see a list of various areas in the vast BBC Learning English site. I urge you to explore as many of these as you can. This need not take you long. I suggest twenty minutes to half an hour a week if you do not feel you have much time. Otherwise, spend as much time as you can doing listening practice. It is never time wasted.

Finally, if your course has finished, this does not mean that the Blog has finished. You are always welcome to visit the Blog, explore the site and leave messages and comments.

More later this week.


- Mike

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