Friday, February 12, 2010

Six Minute English is back!

Or rather, our listening comprehension exercises are back. You can of course visit Six Minute English whenever you like. Indeed, I encourage you to do so at least once a week. I cannot overemphasise the fact that your progress in listening skills depends on your creating time for personal practice.

Let's first look at the answers to the previous exercise. The correct answers are:

1. Inconclusive! Kate says (a), six-and-a-half hours; Dan says (b) seven and a half hours; but they both agree that most people do not get enough sleep.
2. Dan is an owl, Kate is a lark;
3. the sun;
4. They do not get enough sleep, and they feel tired.
5. To go out into the sunlight.
6. The level of natural light compared with the average level of light in a house or office is (a) 50 to 100 times brighter at dawn, and (b) 500 to 1000 times brighter at midday.
Now for this week's Six Minute English. This is connected to a new exhibition in the British Museum in London. It aims to define the history of mankind in 100 objects. First, let's look at the questions:

1. How many objects are there in the British Museum's collection?
(a) 8 million; (b) 11 million; (c) 13 million

2. What does Neil MacGregor, the museum director, say about people's relationship with objects through the centuries? How has this relationship changed?

3. How do Egyptian mummies help us to understand the workings of trade and commerce in the Ancient World?

4. Which area of history would the Egyptian writer Araf Souef encourage children everywhere to learn?

Now, listen to Dan and Kate speaking on this Six Minute English programme. Post your answers to the Tag Board or the Comments section.

From the Six-Minute English page, note that you can download the Podcast and the script. See the "Downloads: to take away" section just to the right of the main picture.

And why don't you go and see the History of the World in 100 Objects exhibition at the British Museum for yourselves? Flights are now often very cheap and convenient.

That's all for now! More very soon,

- Mike

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