Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Hello everyone!

I am very pleased to see Giovanni and Alessandra responding to the "think about/of" quiz questions. But before I post the correct answers, I'd like to give people more time to reply. Watch this space early next week!

Now for this week's Six Minute English. Have you made any resolutions this New Year?

Here are the questions. Read them before clicking on the link and listening.

1. What is the most common goal for people making New Year's resolutions? Is it:
(a) to sort out their finances and money?
(b) to lose weight?
(c) to learn a new language?

2. Kate's resolutions are: to do some more exercise, be _______ and _______ more.

3. The disk jockey would like to keep on _______ hard, being _______ and _______ and ________ well.

4. Many people try to give up smoking. According to a report, how many people in the UK
(a) tried to give up smoking?
(b) succeeded in giving up smoking?

5. What is Dan's New Year's Resolution? [give a short answer]

Now listen to this episode of Six Minute English and write your (short) answers on the Tag Board!

More next week!
 - Mike

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