Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lark or Owl? Are You a Morning or Evening Person?

Hello again. In this week's Six Minute English we will be hearing about sleep. This is connected with what we've been doing in our course book: are we living faster or slower than we should?

But first, the answers to the 6' English quiz on New Year's Resolutions.
Question 1: (a) for men, (b) for women!
(2) Kate's resolutions: be healthy and travel more.
(3) The disc jockey would like to keep on working hard, being happy and healthy and sleeping well.
(4) (a) over three-quarters of a million; (b) fewer than forty thousand.
(5) Dan has resolved to run a marathon in April.

Congratulations to Marianne, Mario, Giovanni and Savina. Savina, it's 'travel' with one 'L', not two! But well done everyone who took part. But where is everyone else out of 100 students?!

Well, this is your chance to participate for the first time if you have not yet done so. This week's Six Minute English is about our sleep. Many of us realise that we do not get enough.

Read the questions and then listen:
1. On average, how long do people sleep every night? Is it:
(a) six and a half hours; (b) seven and a half hours; (c) eight and a half hours?

2. Are the presenters larks or owls?
(a) Dan (b) Kate)

3. Before we had electricity, our lives were regulated by ___________ [one or two words]

4. How are people who naturally stay up late affected by normal working habits?

5. The best way to adapt your body clock is to __________ [short phrase]

6. How does the average level of light in a house or office compare with natural light?
(a) just after dawn (b) at midday? [Answer using a multiplication factor.]

Now listen to Six Minute English.
When you have finished, write your answers on the Tag Board or in a Comment at the end of this post.

I'd love to see a few more people participating! Not only is it good listening practice. You also get to learn some interesting new facts.

More very soon,
Kind regards from
- Mike

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